Les Instants Vidéo Festival -  Marseilles (Francia)



Como el mundo está hecho de esta manera, nuestros sueños deben ser aún más tenaces.
Abdellatif Laâbi

En Francia, y no solo como los eventos fueron globales, el año 2018 verá aquí y allá emocionantes o patéticas celebraciones del hermoso mes de mayo de 1968.
En nuestro caso, la vibra poética y emancipadora de las cien mil flores de mayo continúa estimulando deliciosamente nuestra imaginación. Y nuestra nostalgia es solo para el futuro.
Tenemos el sueño de una primavera que nos hará ver los eventos de mayo de 1968 como un mal ensayo de la gran agitación internacional que se avecina:

La cultura ya no será el sonajero de unos pocos privilegiados en la búsqueda desesperada de emociones.
La privación sexual, planeada escrupulosamente por la coalición de religiosos, los Estados y los comerciantes de sueños erótico-románticos que imitan las relaciones dominantes / dominadas difundidas por la industria de la cultura y el ocio, será simplemente una vieja pesadilla convertida en una riqueza de consenso y compartir placeres
El trabajo, liberado de la lucha de clases, será una fuente inagotable de realización imaginativa.
El calentamiento global cultivado por la veneración del progreso tecnocrático y el crecimiento para el crecimiento, se convertirá en un calentamiento de las relaciones humanas y en una perturbación poética y apasionada de los sentidos.
El crimen organizado contra los migrantes será reemplazado por una hospitalidad natural para los recién llegados, y celebrará crisoles resultantes de alegres y multicolores combates cercanos.
Palestina será libre, con la única misión de ser el asesor de paz de los últimos beligerantes corrompidos por la estupidez de los guerreros o el culto a la virilidad.
Nadie tendrá que arrodillarse más, aparte de recoger tréboles de cuatro hojas o tirar los pétalos de una margarita.
Y sobre todo: etc. etc. etc.


¡Artistas del mundo se unen! Hacer de la 31ª edición del festival una celebración de nuestra imaginación indomable. Creemos en nuestras utopías tan íntimas como las realidades que anhelan prosperar en nuestro jardín. El videoarte es la flor poética para blandir ante los ojos ciegos de los que sueñan. Hagamos del Festival 2018 una asamblea general de obras y artistas no alineados con los criterios del mercado, y mirando hacia un futuro brillante.

Les Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques



Since the world is made this way, our dreams must be even more tenacious.
Abdellatif Laâbi

In France, and not only as the events were global, the year 2018 will see here and there thrilling or pathetic celebrations of the lovely month of May 1968.
In our case, the poetic and emancipatory vibe of the hundred thousand flowers of May continue to stimulate delightfully our imagination. And our nostalgia is only for the future.
We have the dream of a spring which will make us see May 1968 (events) as a poor rehearsal of the great international upheaval to come:

Culture will not anymore be the rattle of the privileged few in desperate search of thrills.
Sexual deprivation, scrupulously planned by the coalition of the religious, the States and the traders of erotic-romantic dreams imitating the dominant/dominated relationships spread by the culture and leisure industry, will just be an old nightmare converted into a richness of consensual and shared pleasures.
Work, released from the class struggle, will be an endless source of imaginative fulfilment.
Global warming cultivated by the veneration of technocratic progress and the growth for the Growth, will be changed into a warming of human relationships and a poetic and passionate disruption of the senses.
The organised crime against migrants will be replaced by a natural hospitality for newcomers, and will celebrate melting pots resulting from joyful and multicoloured close-combats.
Palestine will be free, with the only mission to be the peace adviser for the word’s last belligerents corrupted by war-mongering stupidity or the cult of virility.
No-one will have to knee down anymore, apart to pick four-leaf clovers or to pull the petals from a daisy.
And above all: etc. etc. etc.


Artists of the world unite! To make the 31st edition of the festival a celebration of our indomitable imaginations. Let’s believe in our very intimate utopias as the realities longing to flourish in our garden. Video art is the poetic flower to brandish in front of the blind eyes of dream-breakers. Let’s make the Festival 2018 a general assembly of works and artists non-aligned on the market criteria, and looking to a shining future.

Les Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques


Curaduría/ Curated by  Marc Mercier

Instants Video, cuidando un futuro deseable celebra lo que, desde el 68 de mayo, los trastornos y la metamorfosis del poeta Ovide, todavía están trabajando en nuestro mundo contemporáneo.
Comenzando con la determinación de revolucionarnos.


Un festival transcontinental, cuyo epicentro es Marsella, paseará por Buenos Aires, Roma, Milán, Puyricard, Aix-en-Provence y Visual Container TV.


Instants Video, caring for a desirable future celebrates what from May 68 upheavals and the metamorphosis of the poet Ovide, is still at work in our contemporary world.
Beginning with the determination to revolutionise ourselves.


A trans-continental festival, which epicentre is Marseilles, will wander in Buenos Aires, Rome, Milan, Puyricard, Aix-en-Provence and Visual Container TV


1.The poem of time (1’40 – 2016) / Soheil Seraji (Iran)

Everything is under influence of music... .

2.The video speaks for itself (1’17 – 2017) / Lobo Pasolini (Brésil)

The title speaks for itself.


3.Reflection & Shadow (2’39 – 2017) / José Alejandro López (Colombie)

It is developed an immersion into the reflections and the shadows –as manifestations of the absence– taking into consideration their faculties of creation and reality. 


4.La vida como un desierto - Life is like a desert (1’22 – 2018) / Laura del Muro (Espagne)

Poetry project created in social media. A collaboration between writer and followers. Seven pieces where they give the subject and I write about them.
The idea is to reflect people desires, worries or thoughts.


5.Fragmento de canto del macho anciano (9’ - 2015) / Cristián Tàpies - Roberto Oyarzún Susñar (Chili)

An experimental video inspired on homonymous poem of Chilean poet Pablo de Rokha.
Canto postulates the synchrony between the vitality of the individual memory of a speaker in its various versions, and the time of the praxis of a poetic project held amid a political-economic context which modifies the production of words and speeches.

6.Dark Side (3’25 – 2018) / Mehdi Farajpour (Iran – France)

DARK SIDE is a video work without sound and without image.


7.Iter. An Audiovisual Poem (9’06 – 2017) / Úrsula San Cristóbal (Espagne)

What could define a migrant? Could be the uprooting? Could be the intercultural experience? Or could be the need for a story? These are some of the questions raised in Iter (path), an audiovisual poem on the subjectivity of a migrant artist. Texts by Rumi (mystical poems), Dante (Divine Comedy) and author's personal experience dialogue with a low tech audiovisual language trying to tell with simplicity about a complex problem: the search for meaning by a person who feels lost in the middle of the trip.


8.TYPO#4 (10’ - 2016/17) / Francesca Fini (Italie)

The sounds that we hear, and the visual story that unfolds in front of us, do not depend on a musical or narrative intention; are solely determined by the sequence of letters, words, verses and expressive pauses. The protagonist of the performance is an old Olivetti typewriter of the ‘60s, whose keys are wired and connected to a computer. Through the use of an interaction design software, each key of the machine - and then every letter of the alphabet - produces a precise note, and at the same time triggers a video clip associated with that particular letter. The typewriter is at the same time writing mechanical device, musical instrument and video mixer. 

Pictures, notes, noise (sound or visual), mix with the rhythmic beats of the keys, and are woven according to the words that I type. And so I find that there are sentences intensely melodic and poignant. This fourth session of TYP-O project is dedicated to the verses of my most beloved poet, Walt Whitman.


9.Time (5’54 – 2017) / Henry Gwiazda (USA)

What does the future look like?


10.Perpetual Browse_r (3’14 – 2017) / Sandra Crisp (GB)

Fragmented online news clips of dramatic weather-related events, political worlds and screencasts of scrolling search engine results are borrowed, and recontextualised. Texture-mapped onto 3d rendered blocks of multiple dynamic cube/screens. Flitting between one screen and the next - The saturation of visual information pervades online life.


11.Betalpha (5’12 – 2018) / Mohamed A. Gawad (Egypte)

Based on audio recordings of a language deconstruction exercise done between a group of Egyptian and Swedish artists, where sounds of sentences from each language are repeated cyclically between the two groups, to the point where the original sentence is morphed into a new sound through the appropriations of hearing and pronunciation, this work tries to imagine a situation where this new language is being used to re-attribute new meanings through heritage of images and film, in a hypothetical situation of a post-historical moment of loss of language;  "At a time before time, a Big Bang in Babel set the uni-logos into a chain reaction of division, expansion and digitization; a perpetual process of language breeding - balbala. At a time after time, that expansion, at one point, expires. What follows is a recoil; a contraction process where the digits coalesce, and the separates overlap."

12.Touch (6’08 – 2018) / Yunuén Rosas Ortiz (Mexique)

Touch is a video that proposes a violated and forgotten body that can be cleaned of enslaver job, cured of violence, product of it and recovered from oblivion.



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